About Us

The Raiseus clothing line actually came from the name of a song that Shawntez Phillips and Keshawn Jones created a couple years ago. We thought we could give online clothing a fresh new take. Most of the designs in the line are inspired by past or future projects that we're going to release. Keshawn Jones, Shawntez Phillips, Lavon Carter, Keontae Taylor, and Eric and Cornell Williams make up a growing team of talented creators. Shawntez Phillips plays the role of co-founder and lead designer. Keshawn plays the role of co-founder, co-designer, marketer, and photographer. We look forward to bringing you into our world. Our city and our brand in particular have much to offer the world. "I'm Glad They Ain't Raiseus."


raiseus_clothing (instagram)

@RaiseusClothing (twitter)

raiseus419@gmail.com (email)

https://soundcloud.com/shawntez-phillips/raiseus (The Song)

karenforartmedia (instagram) - photographer